About Us

The name " Hideaki " is synonymous with cyber fashion, creativity, versatility, originality, explosive choreography and distinctive style. The personality behind this phenomenon is none other than Mr. Hideaki, Malaysia's pioneer in futuristic fashion design. He has since carved a niche in creating cyber and futuristic couture.

As a youth, Mr. Hideaki had already known that he had a love for fashion and designing clothes. Armed with nothing but his dreams and passion, Mr. Hideaki worked hard to put himself through fashion school. Not just any fashion school, but the distinguished Parsons School of Design (Hong Kong and New York), majoring in Fine Arts and Fashion Design.

In 1991, he unveiled his first fashion boutique in Plaza Berjaya, Kuala Lumpur. At that time, he specialized in designing eye-catching uniforms for travel agencies that helped to improve the visual presentation of their frontline staff and enhance their corporate identity.

By early 1993, he upgraded and relocated his boutique to Park Royal, Kuala Lumpur. In this short span of 2 years, he had successfully grown his client base and established a regular clientele - both individual and corporate. It was his distinctive and highly original style that made the local fashion industry begin to sit up and recognize his talent. Hence, began his meteoric rise in fame to become one of Malaysia's most prominent designers.

In 1998, Mr. Hideaki proved to the world that he is a creative force to be reckoned with. Competing against designers from all over the globe, his visionary and futuristic designs clinched him the Grand Prize in the International Designer Award for Fashion Beyond 2000.

Today, it is not uncommon to see his one-of-a-kind creations gracing the likes of VIPs, Malaysian Royalty, performing artistes and renowned corporate clients. He has also designed many glamorous and elegant gowns for local and international beauty pageants including:


  • Miss Malaysia Petite


  • Miss Malaysia Universe
  • Miss Malaysia Tourism
  • Miss Malaysia Chinese International
  • Miss Tourism International
  • Miss & Mister Chinatown International


  • Miss Malaysia Chinatown
  • Miss Malaysia Petite <
  • Miss & Mister Chinatown International
  • Miss Tourism International


  • Miss Malaysia World
  • Miss Malaysia Tourism
  • Miss Malaysia Petite
  • Miss Tourism International


  • Miss Asia Festival of Speed


  • Miss Star Pageant
  • Miss & Mister Sri Lanka


  • Miss Malaysia Supermodel Search International

Apart from fashion designing and running his boutique, Mr. Hideaki also has extensive experience in event management. If you're thinking of organizing events like product launches, beauty pageants, annual dinners and fashion/dance shows, you can be assured that it will be impressive, sensational and unforgettable with Mr. Hideaki in charge. Injecting his signature flair for creativity and the uncanny talent for creating a buzz in today's jaded society; Mr. Hideaki can turn every event into a success. His services include designing custom uniforms or costumes, choreographing and grooming talents.

Previous and recent events he has managed include:

1) SMI Recognition Award 2003 (Sept 2003)
2) Ministry of Women & Family's "Mysterious Black & Mystical Red" (Feb 2004)
3) 12th Congress of The ASEAN Association of Radiology "AAR" (Sept 2004)
4) Launch of the latest range of lipsticks from AVON (March 2006)
5) Secretary Week Luncheon at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (April 2006)
6) Launch of the latest engine oil "PRIMAX 3" from PETRONAS (June 2006)
7) Launch of the latest car model from VOLKS WAGON (July 2006)
8) Costumes designing for Guinness Stouts launch ( September 2006)
9) Launch of Beauty salon & Spa "Jcqlyne World of Beauty" (October 2006) - Miss Malaysia Tourism 02/03.
10) Launch of "Share The Good Life" charity event for Women Aid's Organization (WAO) in collaboration with Crowne Plaza Hotel (March 2007)
11) Cyber Costumes creation for Malaysia International Aerospace 2007 (MIA2007) Final 8 Ambassador with Fashion Show (May 2007) - Hosted by Ministry of Tourism.
12) Personal Grooming for Selesa Beach Resort, Port Dickson (June 2007)
13) Personal Grooming for The Royale Bintang Damansara ( September 2007 )
14) Personal Grooming for Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa , Langkawi ( October 2007 )
15) Launch of VMA Eco-Safety Foundation Fund , Kuala Lumpur ( November 2007 )
16) Personal Grooming for The Zon Regency Hotel , by the Sea , Johor Bharu ( December 2007 )
17) Personal Grooming for Crown Princess Hotel , Kuala Lumpur ( January 2008 )
18) Personal Grooming for The Zon Regency Hotel , by the Sea , Johor Bharu ( March 2008 )
19) Personal Grooming for Crown Princess Hotel , Kuala Lumpur ( April2008 )
20) The Garden Hotel & Residences' Photo shoot ( May 2008 )
21) Charity Fashion Show in ORMOC City , Phillipines ( July 2008 )
22) LG's "SECRET" launch , Kuala Lumpur ( July 2008 )
23) Cyber Fashion Show , Auto City - Penang ( July 2008 )

Previous & recent uniforms or costumes he has designed and manufactured include:

1) Zhong Guo Nan Fang Tour & Travel (M) Sdn Bhd
2) Inter-Pacific Tour & Travel (M) Sdn Bhd
3) Enersty Tour & Travel (M) Sdn Bhd
4) Impiana Hotel, Cherating Pahang.
5) Grand Plaza Park Royal KL.
6) Hilton KL.
7) The Regent KL.
8) The Coronade Hotel KL.
9) The Zon Regency Hotel, Johor Bahru.
10) LG mobile.
11) NOKIA mobile.
13) Benkert (M) Sdn Bhd.
14) Bonia Corporation Berhad.
15) MAS Inflight "Temptation"
16) Porsche Club Malaysia.
17) Benson & Hedges Ambassador costumes
18) KENT Ambassador costumes.
19) DUNHILL Ambassador costumes.
20) Bombay Sapphire Ambassador costumes.
21) Martell Ambassador costumes.
22) Guiness Stout's Ambassador Concept costumes.
23) PLANETARIUM Nightclub, Dubai.
24) Shoes & Leather Exhibition, Guang Zhao, China
25) Miss & Mister Sri Lanka, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
26) Perfect Eagle Development Sdn Bhd
27) Force Of Nature , Porsche , Lamborghini , Ferrari & Sepang Circuit F1
28) Pumpkin's Costumes for Astro's Kids Adventure TV Programme - World Wide
29) Euphoria By Ministry Of Sound - London , Kuala Lumpur.
30) KENT's Costumes to launch latest packaging Nation Wide.
31) LG's " SECRET " latest Mobile Launch Costumes , Kuala Lumpur.
32) URBAN Bistro New Costumes - Istana Hotel , Kuala Lumpur.
33) EON Bank Berhad, New Flagship Outlets Corporate's BLAZER - NATIONWIDE

With his background in the arena of fashion and beauty, Mr. Hideaki also has significant expertise in creating memorable advertising campaigns. Knowing what works best for the camera and having a sharp eye to spot talents; Mr. Hideaki is able to cast the best talents for catwalk shows, print ads and TV commercials. He is also experienced in styling for product shoots to produce the desired look and feel to match its brand image. As testament to his expertise, Mr. Hideaki has been entrusted to style designer product shoots like TAG HEUER watches (with Mr. Alex Yoong, Malaysian F1 Driver) and CHRISTIAN DIOR watches (with Ms Debbie Goh, Miss Malaysia Chinese International 1998).

With 20 years of experience, Mr. Hideaki also has much to offer in personal grooming for individuals and corporate clients. His philosophy is that everyone can be groomed to be sophisticated and refined with the proper guidance and training. His formula has been proven correct over and over again with victorious beauty queens like Sherine (Miss Malaysia/Universe 1998/1999), Kellyn (Miss Malaysia Petite) and Coery (Miss Asian Festival of Speed).

With his wealth of experience and multiple skills, Mr. Hideaki will undoubtedly be an asset to your projects, be it in fashion design, event management, advertising campaigns or personal grooming. This is underscored by his extensive list of projects and clients.